Northern Kingdom of The Elves

Capital: Ebonbard
Languages Elvish, Common, (Dwarvish)
Ethnic Groups 80% Elves
10% Dwarves
10% Other
Government Monarchy
King Ettriphus Valennor II
Religions 85% The Empyreal Ternion
10% Vestran Pantheon
10% The Great One

The Northern Kingdom of the Elves is an is

Western Islands & Ebonbard area worship Elebrin, the goddess of the past
Eastern Islands worship Arbialia, the goddess of the present
The plains & Alviarn worship Celanial, the goddess of the future
Mostly arcana, very little technology
Ebonbard (Capital City)
90% Elves, 10% Dwarves
~100% the three sisters
Ridiculous architecture, seemingly impossible
Entire population is rich merchants and their servants, and service workers.
Very elitist and somewhat paranoid
Important People/Places:
Palace and grounds
King Ettriphus Valennor II
Arkā€™nor (bond held by Ettriphus II, as such he is tied to Ebonbard.

Alviarn (Southern isle)
80% elves, 5% humans, 5% dwarves, 10% other
80% the three sisters, 10% pantheon, 10% monotheistic
Quite friendly!
Important People/Places:
Trisdi Arrelan
Virian Solisor

Northern Kingdom of The Elves

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